About Us


Your AURA is beautifully
and uniquely yours!

AURA Hair, Beauty & Brow offers a natural, holistic and practical approach to hair and beauty. This unique salon is a haven for those who want their best look and to avoid harsh chemicals.

AURA is a small boutique hair and beauty salon where you can enjoy AVEDA rituals such as:

• A cup of AVEDA comforting tea.
• A stress relieving scalp, neck and shoulder massage.
• Luxurious hand massage.

Let us help you keep your
AURA shining and healthy!


We are proud to only use Aveda products which are
recognised globally for being a natural, plant based product.

Aveda is committed to using certified organic ingredients, and today 90% of the essential oils used in the products are certified organic.

Aveda products are created from pure flowers and plant essences. This means no artificial colours and laboratory created fragrances. Aveda hair colours are natural hair colours which are made up to 96% naturally derived ingredients.


Aveda is cruelty free. No
animal testing.

100% Wind Power

Aveda is proud to be the first
beauty company manufacturing
using 100% wind power.


All Aveda products are
formulated without
Parabens, Phthalates and
sodium Lauryl sulfates.

Aveda products are manufactured according to high ecological principles, right down to the packaging.

Aveda are the first beauty company to use 100% post-consumer recycled PET packaging on for the majority of their skin care and hair styling products; and strive to minimise packing and maximise the use of recyclable materials.

Beauty designed by nature and enhanced by AURA Hair, Beauty & Brow!